Other than your own team, nobody understands the operating conditions, failure modes, and wear indicators for your R-Series ClO2 generator equipment better than ERCO. We designed, specified, and supplied most of the process equipment in your ClO2 system. We are the only supplier that can provide you with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) certified spare parts to meet your obligations under OSHA’s process safety management (PSM) regulations.

ERCO has supplied, started-up, and serviced more than 150 ClO2 systems worldwide. Our network of experienced Technical Service Representatives and Engineers can help you inspect the condition of your process equipment, determine what needs to be repaired, and recommend a timeline for repairs.

It’s not enough to ensure equipment wear is identified. Our Technical Service Representatives will go much farther. They will help you understand the link between operating conditions and deviations from equipment wear and concerns to help avoid premature equipment replacement.

When you do need replacement parts, ERCO’s Spare Parts team will work with your Technical Service Representatives to ensure that supplied parts are suitable for the process conditions, meet the original specification design intent of the process, and meet all applicable codes and standards. As a PSM-covered process, maintenance of the ClO2 generator with appropriate materials and process knowledge is critical to ensuring the safety of your employees and assets. At ERCO, we understand this, and we work to qualify all our vendors to ensure that the integrity of every part we supply meets our standards and specifications.

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