A Membrane Grade Producer of Caustic Soda
(Sodium Hydroxide - NaOH)

Caustic soda is one of the basic building blocks of chemistry. ERCO serves multiple end-use customers that target chemical manufacturing with applications into: pulp and paper manufacturing, cleaning products, petroleum and natural gas exploration - production and processing, cellulose film manufacturing, cotton textile processing, and water treatment.

Responsibly Meeting the Caustic Soda Needs of the Central U.S. and Western Canada

We are a regional manufacture of caustic soda produced at our two state-of-the-art facilities in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and Port Edwards, Wisconsin, United States.  We supply in railcar and tank truck quantities and the risk of unscheduled weather related shutdowns at these two facilities is minimal.

Supply You Can Depend On

Our caustic soda membrane production processes are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and, as a Responsible Care® company, our caustic soda products meet the strictest health, safety, environment and security standards set forth by the American Chemistry Council, and the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada, which ERCO is a founding member of.

Caustic Soda used in the Aluminum Industry

Reliability and Quality

Our plants are some of the best maintained facilities in the industry, and as a result, ERCO offers a highly reliable caustic soda supply network to efficiently meet your caustic soda needs. The diversity of our geography and customer base along with the versatility of our chlorine and chlorine by-product derivatives favors less production volatility, which generally results in more predictable operating rates.

Our Caustic Soda Products

Caustic Soda is shipped in railcar and tank truck quantities from either of ERCO’s two independent production facilities.

LOCATION SDS Product Specifications Railcars Tank Trucks NSF STD 60 AWWA B501 Food Codex Kosher Halal

ERCO Worldwide manufactures caustic soda using membrane cell technology, which has the highest electrical efficiency for a variety of applications:

Pulp & Paper

Caustic soda is an important chemical for the cooking/processing of Kraft pulps and the extraction of lignin during the pulp bleaching sequences.

Cleaning Products & Detergents

The cleaning products sector makes wide use of caustic soda, either as a reactant to produce chemical compounds or as a direct component of products such as drain pipe and oven cleaners. Caustic soda is used to make soaps, synthetic detergents, alkaline detergents and various other cleaning products.

Petrolum & Natural Gas

Caustic soda is used in several applications by the petroleum and natural gas industry for exploration and production, and for the processing of products. It is an important component of most drilling muds, and can be used in alkaline flooding of producing fields for enhanced oil recovery.

Waste Disposal

Caustic soda, is used for pH control, neutralization of waste acids, and similar applications. Caustic soda is commonly selected due to its stronger basicity, and easier storage and handling.


Caustic soda is consumed in the production of rayon, cellophane, and other cellulose products. Caustic soda is used to control pH and as a reactant in the production of cotton fabrics and fibres.

Water Treatment

Municipal water treatment facilities use caustic soda for pH adjustment, ion exchange regeneration, and in the production of sodium hypochlorite for water disinfection.

Food Processing

Caustic soda is also used in several food processing applications, including for removing skins from potatoes, tomatoes, and other fruits. It is also used in processing edible fats and oils.

An Active Supplier that Prevents Disruption

ERCO allocates a significant amount of capital each year to keep our plants operating at peak performance. Our dedicated R&D resources are tasked to ensure high quality control standards in our manufacturing processes. Additionally, our railcars are monitored for faster addressment of unforeseen issues and our customer service and logistic teams are routinely monitoring product movement.

Other ways we eliminate/minimize supply disruptions include:

  • We offer Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) where customer inventory is checked daily with shipments adjusted to maintain target levels
  • Weekly interdepartmental ERCO meetings to review/address customer inventory levels
Railcar transporting Caustic Soda
Caustic Soda used in the Petro Chemical Industry

A Track Record for Transportation Safety

ERCO Worldwide has a long history with an outstanding track record in the safe manufacture, handling, storage, and shipping of caustic soda.

ERCO Worldwide is consistently recognized for “Safe Handling Awards” from Class 1 railroads like Canadian Pacific Railway, BNSF Railway, Canada National Railway and Norfolk Southern to name a few. As a Responsible Care(R) company, ERCO is happy to assist with your caustic soda safety-related needs.

We Supply with Reliability and Speed

Our regionally located manufacturing facilities; fleet of caustic railcars; and wide network of channel distributors make us the ideal partner to supply your caustic soda needs with speed and efficiency.

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