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Advanced Process Control

ERCO Smarts™ advanced process control (APC) software dynamically optimizes ClO2 plant operation, leading to increased functionality and cost savings.

What can ERCO Smarts™ do?



Generator level.
Key to maintaining steady-state operation.

Chemical feed flows.
Using proprietary algorithms to maintain optimum generator liquor inventories.

Production rate.
Simply set your target and ERCO Smarts controls the rest.

Production target.
Based on bleach plant demand and storage levels.



Chemical and steam costs. Chemical losses.

Due to production swings and disturbances.
Upsets, white-outs, liquor carry-over. Environmental excursions.

Biological oxygen demand (BOD) loading.
Through methanol consumption optimization.

Energy consumption.
Through optimization of chilled water use.



Operational uptime.
Enabling maximum continuous operating rate.

Product quality.
Consistent ClO2 concentration leads to improved pulp brightness control.

Operation stability.
Variance between target and operating parameters.

Troubleshooting ability.
Real-time data is available to ERCO Worldwide specialists.

What is the Return on Investment?

ERCO Smarts delivers results well beyond any typical capital barriers. With zero additional payments to ERCO Worldwide, 100% of cost savings are retained at the mill.

Average chemical consumption reduction when ERCO Smarts and all plant-specific recommendations are implemented:

Sodium chlorate: 2.3% Methanol: 7.8%
Sulfuric Acid: 4.3% Steam: 10%

*Overall chemical savings converted to chlorate pricing based on approximate 2021 chemical costs.


Download the ERCO Smarts guide for requirements, included benefits, and client results.