ERCO has an outstanding record of protecting its people, the communities in which it operates and the environment. As with our approach to the overall concept of sustainability, safety and environmental protection are far more than words, hopes, or intentions to ERCO. They are real objectives with tangible results that we work hard to achieve, maintain, and continuously improve.

As a producer of specialized inorganic chemicals, we are highly aware that our manufacturing operations carry intrinsic risks, and that the consequences of an accidental release or a transportation accident could be serious to us and the public. Accordingly, safety and environmental protection are of the utmost importance to ERCO – and they have been for as long as we have been in operation.

ERCO plants are designed using recognized best engineering practices to prevent a chemical leak. Systems are designed with multiple layers of protection to minimize the impact if a leak occurs, and to keep a release confined within the plant boundaries. Beyond plant design, ERCO maintains a centralized and comprehensive Environmental Management System based on the principles of Responsible Care®.

Guided by our Responsible Care® ethic, ERCO takes a comprehensive “Plan-Do-Check-Act” approach to safety, security and environmental protection. Policies and procedures govern our plant operations, logistics and other activities. Specific performance indicators measure our progress, and we participate in the Responsible Care® verification process (then scroll to bottom of page and click on link), which includes direct verifications and audits of our facilities followed by detailed reports that identify any areas for improvement.

This approach ensures that we “stay sharp” and never stop improving, because our people and our communities deserve nothing less.


Safety is ERCO’s highest priority. That means the safety of our workers, the people who live and work in the communities around our facilities, and anyone in proximity to our product during handling or transportation.

ERCO has an excellent safety record on all metrics. We have a low rate of workplace injuries, and our record of expertly and safely managing railcars that move across North America has won multiple awards.

ERCO is on a journey to create a World Class Safety Culture, building on the existing management system to further enhance its safety performance. Our vision was to create an injury-free workplace. As part of that cultural change, ERCO focused on leadership engagement and the measurement of leading indicators as critical components. The Journey to World-Class Safety is a multi-year process that we are applying at all our plants.

A significant recent achievement came in January 2021 when our Grande Prairie, Alberta facility reached 1.2 million hours of labour without a reportable incident. This represented almost 22 years of safe operation without a recordable injury. Additionally, that same month the plant reached 29 years without a lost-time incident.

Environmental Protection

As a Responsible Care® company, ERCO commits to continuously improving our environmental performance while delivering products essential to our everyday lives. As an example, ERCO was a leader in providing the pulp and paper industry with the right chemistries and process technologies to move away from elemental chlorine for bleaching wood pulp, to chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

Beginning in the 1980s, the chemical industry made remarkable improvements in its environmental performance. Although we are a small company by industry standards, ERCO has been a leader in that transition. We were a founding member of Responsible Care®. We have extensively upgraded and modernized our older manufacturing facilities, and our newly built facilities are state-of-the-art, such as our plant in Mininco, Chile.

Safety and Environmental Policies

Please click on the links below to open the pdf documents of ERCO’s policies covering safety and environment.

Responsible Care Policy (PDF)

Safety Policy (PDF)

Environmental Policy (PDF)