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In the agricultural sector, food producers – ranging from market gardeners and family farms all the way to the largest commercial operations – rely on modern chemicals to optimize productivity, maximize sustainable yields, and preserve soils, among other things. ERCO chlor-alkali products are used in the production and formulation of fertilizers and crop protection chemicals. ERCO’s chemical products are high-purity, and include chlorine, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. We will work with you to meet your needs.


Potassium hydroxide is used in the production of agricultural-grade fertilizers. These can be used as a source of potassium (one of the three major plant foods, along with nitrogen and phosphorus) for crops that are sensitive to chloride ions. Chloride-sensitive varieties include fruit crops (citrus, almonds, grapes), berries (strawberries) and vegetables (lettuce, onions, sweet peppers).

Crop Protection

Crop protection chemicals help farmers manage plant diseases, weeds, and other pests that damage agricultural crops. Chlorine chemistry is heavily involved in the manufacture of crop protection products.

ERCO’s Chlor-alkali plant in Port Edwards, Wisconsin is well-positioned to meet the needs of agrichemical customers across North America, particularly in the Midwest. The facility can ship its products by rail or truck.

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