De-icers are often made with liquid potassium acetate. To make liquid potassium acetate, producers require a reliable supply of potassium hydroxide (KOH), which is a key input. Because weather is highly unpredictable, lead times on required deliveries of KOH can be very short. ERCO understands this, and our manufacturing and supply chain teams are focused on meeting these challenges.

De-icers made from liquid potassium acetate offer many advantages over other conventional de-icing methods:

  • Quick and effective de-icing on contact with the icy surface;
  • Effective at lower ambient temperatures;
  • Less corrosive than salt; and
  • Environmentally friendly when compared to other chemical methods, including salts.

ERCO produces potassium hydroxide in its large facility at Port Edwards, Wisconsin, enabling shipping by rail or truck to customers across North America. We are particularly well-positioned to serve the Midwest.

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