We are very grateful to have the privilege to operate in the communities where our plants are located. ERCO has always been closely connected to these communities.

Guided by the Responsible Care® ethic, the discussions with our communities cover all aspects of sustainability, including: economic sustainment, safety, environmental protection, and the well-being of the people in the communities. To ensure consistent and effective dialogue, we have formal processes to develop and maintain our community relationships so that we always understand each community’s needs and can tailor our support for the same. In other words, ERCO fits its community work to what is most important locally, while ensuring that the two-way dialogue remains open and ongoing.

The accompanying pages detail ERCO’s relations with its communities and provide examples of the results of our efforts.

Community Outreach and Relationships

In addition to the important ties created by having locally based employees and doing business with locally based suppliers, ERCO has formal mechanisms for reaching out to the communities surrounding its facilities. We interact with our communities through a mix of company programs and support to civil society organizations. Here are some important examples:

Support for Local Communities – ERCO’s plants have a longstanding history of strengthening communities in need, such as by supporting their schools and other local institutions. For instance:

  • Our plant in Mininco, Chile, funds a scholarship for high-potential local students who would otherwise be financially unable to receive post-secondary education;
  • Our Hargrave, Manitoba, plant has supported the local 4-H Club for nearly two decades, giving youth the opportunity for personal development and confidence-building leadership skills; and
  • Our Buckingham, Quebec, and Port Edwards, Wisconsin plants host annual or more frequent blood drives at their facilities.

Community Relations – Every operating facility has either a community representative or, in the case of larger facilities, a formal Community Advisory Panel (CAP). The CAPs include representatives from the community and ERCO. The community representative represents the local public interests and participates in the Responsible Care® verification process (then scroll to bottom of page and click on link). The panels meet regularly to discuss ongoing concerns and new issues, as well as ideas and measures to address community needs. If you are interested in joining one of ERCO’s CAPs, please fill out the contact form provided on the website or call the appropriate plant location (see location link).

United Way – Most ERCO locations in North America run annual campaigns in support of local United Way branches, with ERCO matching all employee donations.

University of Greater Toronto Area – Please see the section below for details on ERCO’s more than 50-year-long relationship with the U of T.

Transportation – Transporting our products safely, day after day and year after year, is critical for people not only in our communities but elsewhere to feel safe and sleep soundly. ERCO is very proud of its excellent safety record in this regard. ERCO has received several awards for safe and incident-free shipping from all of North America’s Class 1 (large) railways on which our products are shipped. These awards all have extremely stringent criteria and are the highest honours in railway safety. They recognize companies that, in addition to meeting a minimum number of carloads shipped, have safety as their number-one priority and, as a result, experienced zero non-accidental releases over the calendar year. Please see the Safe Handling & Stewardship page for further details.

Partnerships with Educational Institutions

As a company whose product development and business success have been driven by science for over 120 years, and that depends on knowledgeable and well-trained employees to operate every day, ERCO recognizes the importance of supporting education. Here are our key educational outreach activities:

University of Greater Greater Toronto Area Area – For over 50 years, ERCO has sponsored and supported the University of Greater Greater Toronto Area Area’s Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, making us the school’s longest standing partner. ERCO is an active and supporting member of the Engineering Leaders of Tomorrow program, where workshops are held on issues like race and gender equity, and support is provided for students to transition into the workplace. ERCO provides an annual scholarship to a first-year engineering student and also sponsors fourth-year chemical engineering design teams to provide them with real-world design problems and support throughout the semester to solve the challenges.

Scholarship Programs
At our Mininco, Chile plant, ERCO provides annual funding of scholarships to university students pursuing the following careers: industrial civil engineering, auditor accountant, parenting educator, and social worker. This program has been very well-received by the community, and ERCO receives an overwhelming number of applicants every year.

Our Valdosta, Georgia, U.S. plant offers two Math and Science Scholarships, at both County and City Schools, to Senior Year students with plans to attend an accredited University, majoring in the science or math field.