125 Years of Sodium Chlorate Production & Chlorine Dioxide Generation Expertise

ERCO Worldwide is one of the largest producers of sodium chlorate in North America and the world. Our multi-plant production base and wide distribution footprint offer an unmatched supply throughout the United States and Canada. A few of our production assets are also situated near large shipping ports that allow us to competitively export globally.

Our Products

Sodium chlorate is primarily used to bleach pulp. It also has uses in circuit board etching, agricultural defoliant applications, water treatment disinfection, and solid rocket fuel generation. It can be reliably produced in both solution or crystal form and delivered in either railcars, tank trucks and or super sacks depending on the size of your product needs.

Product Type Sodium Chlorate % SDS Product Specifications Railcars Tank Trucks Super Sacks EPA Approved ISO 9001
CRYSTAL 99% Upon Request
SOLUTION 40-50% × × Upon Request

A Supply You Can Depend On

Our plants are some of the best maintained facilities in the industry and, with five independent manufacturing facilities across the United States, Canada and Chile, ERCO offers a highly reliable sodium chlorate supply network to efficiently meet customer needs. If it’s to produce chlorine dioxide for bleaching pulp, our dedicated fleet of railcars can get it to you safe and fast.

ERCO offers superior sodium chlorate quality with virtually no contaminants

Product Quality that Makes a Difference

Having difficulty achieving the proper operating efficiencies with your chlorine dioxide plant?  Even miniscule amounts of contaminants in the sodium chlorate can cause significant operating challenges with your chlorine dioxide plant that will result in more operational upsets/boil outs and lower operating rates.

As a large manufacturer of chlorine dioxide generators, ERCO has a long history of understanding how contaminants can impact performance. Therefore, all ERCO production plants use high quality raw materials and processes to minimize contaminant formation, which will result in more reliable and predictable chlorine dioxide generation.

An Active Supplier that Prevents Disruption

ERCO allocates a significant amount of capital each year to keep our plants operating at peak performance. Our dedicated R&D resources are primarily focused on sodium chlorate quality control.

Other ways we eliminate/minimize supply disruptions include:

  • We offer vendor managed inventory (VMI) where customer inventory is checked daily with shipments adjusted to maintain target levels
  • Weekly interdepartmental ERCO meetings to review/address customer inventory levels

ERCO Worldwide has a long history with an outstanding track record in the safe manufacture, handling, storage, and shipping of sodium chlorate.

ERCO Worldwide is consistently recognized for “Safe Handling Awards” from Class 1 railroads like Canadian Pacific Railway, BNSF Railway, Canada National Railway and Norfolk Southern to name a few. As a Responsible Care(R) company, ERCO is happy to assist with your sodium chlorate safety-related needs.

ERCO offers a proven track record as a trusted sodium chlorate supplier
ERCO also offers chlorine dioxide generation expertise with its R-Series technology

Unparalleled Chlorine Dioxide Technical Expertise

ERCO’s capabilities go far beyond the role of a traditional sodium chlorate supplier. As a leading provider of chlorine dioxide generators, ERCO has more than 100 pulp mills using its R-Series technology to bleach pulp. Our engineering, R&D, and field resources are extremely proficient with the chlorate and chlorine dioxide chemistry and can be available to support your technical needs from design to routine audits.

Other Capabilities that Set Us Apart

ERCO technical resources are also available to assist in a variety of safety, technical and engineering assessments that can include:

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