Our People

We employ a talented team with diverse backgrounds who create value, shipping our products and providing our technical services expertise to industrial and municipal customers worldwide. We have a variety of interesting career opportunities and we offer competitive compensation and benefits packages. We are proud of our corporate culture that promotes diversity, innovation and collaboration.

Our 125 years of success stems from our ability to look to the future, to develop new chemistries, processes and technologies, to identify new markets, to diversify and to adapt.

ERCO is one of the longest continuously operating chemical producers headquartered in Canada.

Today our business continues to grow, which creates development opportunities for our people. We are a “learning culture” that emphasizes personal and career growth. If you are interested in new experiences, you will have the opportunity to try different things and move within the organization to learn and develop.

We have an intense focus on safety and sustainability. ERCO is a founding member of Responsible Care®, which signifies our commitment to sustainability and ethical operations. Before considering a career at ERCO, we strongly recommend you review the details of Responsible Care® as it clearly reflects our culture and beliefs.

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ERCO worker working while wearing a white hardhat and safety goggles giving the thumbs up gesture


At ERCO, we’re very good at what we do, and we’re passionate about it! You simply can’t succeed in our industry if you don’t do it well and do it safely. We consider what we do to be a “beautiful mixture” of science, research, product development, and problem solving. We operate complex chemical manufacturing facilities, ship large volumes of goods and equipment around the world, and we are financially successful doing it. We also believe in supporting the communities in which we operate, including participating in local charities and community events as well as contributing to other local initiatives.

We feel fortunate to be part of a team that’s warm, friendly, cooperative, supportive, and nurturing. We conduct business fairly and honourably━ethics matter. We say what we do, and we do what we say, and we manage to have fun while we do it!

We are proud to have a corporate culture that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).  Our DE&I committees, iBelong and Women’s+ Network, are committed to representing and reflecting the unique experiences, perspectives and viewpoints of the people, partners, and the communities we serve. We strive to champion DE&I, thus fueling innovation and employee engagement


We’re a committed, skilled and highly trained team. We are engineers, chemists, technologists, tradespeople, operators, managers, specialists in procurement, accountants, HR specialists, sales people, field services and more.

Our people work at highly efficient manufacturing facilities located around North America and in Chile, as well as in our modern corporate headquarters in the Greater Toronto Area. We have world-class technical expertise, not only in manufacturing and handling specialized inorganic chemicals, but in meeting the demanding logistical requirements of moving chemicals by truck, rail, ocean, and air, and supplying and optimizing sophisticated facility processes around the world.

ERCO hires from a multitude of industries. This opens us up to new ideas and new approaches. Today our employees come from many areas including the pulp and paper sector, the oil and natural gas or petrochemical sector, and other diverse industries. When attracting talented new employees, we not only look at direct specialized experience, but also an openness to new experiences and a passion for learning and making a difference.

We need problem-solvers; people who are skilled at and enjoy identifying and working through challenges. You must be ethical, responsible, and driven. You should be a team player who is also self-motivated, someone who enjoys working in an office, a plant or in a mobile or virtual environment.

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Available Positions