Sodium Chlorite


ERCO Worldwide manufactures sodium chlorite for the water treatment and related industries. While sodium chlorate is used to produce large quantities of Chlorine dioxide for pulp bleaching, sodium chlorite is the product of choice for use in producing small quantities of chlorine dioxide for the industrial and potable water treatment, food and beverage, rendering and other small scale applications.


Chlorine dioxide is preferred disinfectant in applications where the use of other disinfectants either do not generate the required efficacy, or where their use produces undesirable effects such as taste, odor or the production of chlorinated or oxidized organics.

Chlorine dioxide produced from ERCO’s sodium chlorite is used in many municipal drinking water plants in North America. It is also used as a disinfectant in many food and beverage plants, in rendering for odour reduction, and water treatment for disinfection and iron and manganese removal. ERCO’s sodium chlorite products are registered pesticides in Canada and the United States. ERCO produces products that are registered to ANSI / NSF 60 for drinking water additives, AWWA’s sodium chlorite standard, and for use as a Kosher food contact product.

International Dioxcide, a division of ERCO Worldwide, is a leading supplier of sodium chlorite solutions and generator technology for a wide variety of markets.  For additional information about sodium chlorite precursor solutions, please click.