A Leading Bulk Supplier of On-purpose Burner Hydrochloric Acid

Serving industrial and food-grade needs of the U.S. and Canada

ERCO Worldwide, through its affiliates and subsidiaries, is a leading bulk producer of hydrochloric acid (HCl) for both industrial and food grade requirements across North America. Our HCl production process is ISO certified and, as a Responsible Care® company, our products meet the strictest health, safety, and security standards set forth by the American Chemistry Council and the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada.

We Manufacture for Safety and Quality

We manufacture hydrochloric acid at our state-of-the-art facilities in Saskatoon, Canada, and Port Edwards, Wisconsin (U.S.). Our HCl product is available in both the 22- and 20-degree Baume strengths suited for many industrial applications, such as oil and gas, steel pickling, water treatment, and food and agriculture.

Additionally, our Port Edwards facility manufactures food grade HCl that is compliant with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements. The FSMA regulates the complete product life-cycle ─ from raw materials to production, to handling and logistics ─ in order to prevent contamination and ensure public safety. ERCO Worldwide is one of the few bulk suppliers of hydrochloric acid to meet this high standard; our products are manufactured in a way that is free of allergens, unsanitary conditions, and unsafe processes.

Hydrochloric Acid Product Chart

Hydrochloric acid bulk solutions are available from ERCO’s two independent production facilities ─ one located in Port Edwards, WI, and the other in Saskatoon, Canada ─ in both tank truck and dedicated railcar quantities.

A Track Record for Transportation Safety

ERCO Worldwide has been consistently recognized for logistical safety, with recognition from trade associations and shipping companies alike, including The Chlorine Institute, Canadian Pacific Railway, and Norfolk Southern, among others. We’re happy to provide references and a list of our shipping safety awards upon request.

We Supply with Reliability and Speed

Our centrally located manufacturing facilities; dedicated fleet of railcars and tank trucks; and wide network of channel distributors, enables us to deliver across North America with speed and efficiency.

We’re the preferred bulk supplier to various industries throughout the Great Lakes and Great Plains regions of the United States, and the western and central provinces of Canada (see coverage area on the map below). For oil and gas, we’re a key producer for the Bakken and Eagle Ford deposits.

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