Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) shutdown inspections are a critical element of any mechanical integrity program. The OEM is uniquely qualified to assess the state of the process equipment, and to compare the current state to the expected modes of wear.

ERCO’s Technical Services Team can provide information and procedures for opening process equipment for inspection, the replacement of absorption tower packing, and the removal and replacement of process equipment.

ERCO’s experts combine a comprehensive understanding of the process chemistry and plant operating conditions, along with the evaluation of the mechanical state of the process equipment/piping, to allow appropriate preventative maintenance steps to be identified and taken. By linking observed mechanical/wear issues with the underlying operational conditions, we can correct the root cause of these issues, not just address the physical symptom of equipment wear. Our Technical Services Team will work with your plant operations team to review operational issues and, where appropriate, correlate any physical issues with operational concerns.

ERCO can provide shutdown inspection services for any R-Series ClO2 generator. We can also provide OEM Instrumentation and Control Specialist services to inspect and assess the critical process control elements within the process.

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