ERCO’s technical service and engineering team provides numerous services to support your ClO2 generation. We bring you the benefit of our experience and background knowledge from over 150 operating ClO2 plants.

Our capabilities include:

  • Safety audits and hazard analysis;
  • Safety audits of ClO2 generators and/or chemical unloading areas;
  • Bleach plant audits and optimization ;
  • Spare parts supply and service ;
  • Plant chemical efficiency studies;
  • Capacity increase and debottlenecking studies;
  • On-site or remote ClO2 plant emergency troubleshooting assistance;
  • Consultation on preferred operating practices;
  • Updating of process operating instructions;
  • Engineering design;
  • Nameplate reduction studies;
  • Equipment selection and procurement;
  • Construction assistance; and
  • Plant and equipment commissioning.
Mechanical Integrity and Process Safety Management (PSM)

In addition to our experience with ClO2 plants, ERCO’s technical service and engineering team has extensive experience in the design, operation, and maintenance of sodium chlorate, chlor-alkali, and sodium chlorite plants.

Our capabilities include:

  • Shutdown inspections of plant equipment and associated documentation;
  • Recommendations on preventative maintenance and inspection program;
  • Recommendations on equipment repair or replacement and spare parts inventory;
  • Audit of PSM mechanical integrity program;
  • Review of safety interlock systems;
  • Provision of occupational health and safety information;
  • Chemical properties and safe handling practices;
  • Design codes, standards, and practices for equipment design; and
  • Revalidation of process hazard analysis (PHA), including:
    • Provision of process experts and facilitators; and
    • Assistance in resolving actions arising from PHA.
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