ERCO Smarts

C102 Plant Supervisory Control

As simple as the click of a mouse!


What Is ERCO Smarts?

  • ERCO Smarts is a patented advanced control software product developed by ERCO Worldwide to dynamically optimize the operation of any chlorine dioxide plant. This unique supervisory control product incorporates over forty years of chlorine dioxide research, process and instrumentation knowledge and operating experience as well as state-of-the-art control and communication technology.
  • ERCO Smarts is designed to run in a Microsoft Windows environment and is therefore easily interfaced to any OPC (OLE for Process Control) compliant Distributed Control System or DCS.
  • ERCO Smarts’ runtime control functions reside at your plant site with a communication link to our Advanced Control Centre in Toronto, utilizing highly secure Internet VPN technology.
  • ERCO Smarts control has been successfully demonstrated on an R8® ClO2 plant in the Southern USA since January 2000 and more recently at several other R8® and R8/R10® chlorine dioxide plants in North America.

Why should I use ERCO Smarts?

  • ERCO Smarts can help reduce: chemical costs (particularly chlorate) chemical losses due to production swings, disturbances and startup. upsets, “white-outs”, liquor carry-over, environmental excursions, variance between target and operating parameters such as generator level, liquor concentrations, ClO2 strength, production rate frequency of lab tests. ERCO Smarts can also help reduce Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) loading through methanol consumption optimization.
  • ERCO Smarts can help improve: product quality (i.e. consistent ClO2 concentration leading to improved pulp brightness control) stability of operation troubleshooting ability
  • ERCO Smarts remote monitoring provides the following additional advantages over local supervisory control: Remote software upgrades, maintenance and tuning without the need for costly site visits. No risk in operation since communication failure only results in controllers reverting to LOCAL operator control as it is today. Timely ERCO Smarts System Support 7 days a week. Secure Advanced Control Centre utilizing top quality computer hardware. Enhanced remote Technical Service troubleshooting.