ERCO has a rich history of exceeding its customers’ expectations, by providing chemical and technology solutions that help them operate efficiently. We recognize that there are other suppliers of chemicals and technology, but we believe that ERCO distinguishes itself from the competition in many ways through our service offerings.

Expertise and Knowledge

ERCO is the longest continuously operating chemical producer in Canada, with over 120 years of success and innovation resulting in more than 175 patents. Today we are well-established across North America and in Chile.

Our worldwide customer base and partnerships strengthen our understanding of global markets and industry drivers. We have consistently demonstrated the ability to analyze and adapt to our customers’ needs and help solve their problems. Many of our customer relationship are longstanding and have been in place for decades. We believe strongly that this has been a key ingredient to our success and helped make ERCO a leading supplier of chemicals, technology, and services.

Our optimized manufacturing portfolio ensures that our customers can receive product from multiple production facilities, thus helping minimize risks to their business. Our Customer Service Department is prepared to manage inventory on our customers’ sites to ensure they have the right materials, at the right time.


As a founding member of Responsible Care®, ERCO is committed to sustainability and ethical operations. ERCO has a strong history of safe operations and commitment to the communities in which we operate. 

ERCO has a history of performance excellence in the transportation of its products, as demonstrated by the awards we’ve received from our transportation partners and industry associations.

We recognize the value of relationships and have earned the trust our customers. We are proud to build connections with our customers at all levels to ensure we are agile in meeting their needs and able to mobilize the talent inside our organization to help them.

Core Values

Safety is at the core of our company culture; it has been that way since we were founded in 1897. ERCO is a founding member of Responsible Care® and demonstrates its commitment to the environment, the communities where we operate, our staff, and our customers in all that we do.

ERCO approaches every activity with respect and integrity. These are two of our core guiding principles and they form the foundation for all of our interactions.

ERCO is proud of its long history of research and innovation. We challenge ourselves to remain curious and inquisitive, so that we continue to learn and grow. It is this curiosity that led to the development of large and small-scale chlorine dioxide processes, our extensive patent portfolio, and more important the great operating successes for our customers. We continue to test new materials and evaluate new unit operations and technologies, to find new ways to address customer needs and help them improve operations.

Organizational Capabilities

Our world-class teams are located throughout North America and Chile and can respond to customer needs quickly. Our manufacturing sites are located strategically to supply our products effectively and to ensure continuity of service.

Our strong Engineering, Research & Development, and Logistics teams are based in our corporate headquarters in the Greater Toronto Area. ERCO’s Technical and Bleaching Service Teams are located throughout North America to ensure timely and effective response to our customers.

ERCO’s Sales and Marketing Teams work closely with our Customer Service Department to carefully monitor customer needs and to respond quickly to changes in demand. The strength of our relationships with our transportation partners, built through years of award-winning safety performance, enables us to quickly identify and respond to concerns that affect our customers.

ERCO’s strength is its people. We work hard every day to improve our business and processes.

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