ERCO’s Bleaching Services Team is composed of experienced industry hires and industry-recognized leaders in pulp bleaching operation, technology, and chemistry. Our services include audits of your bleach plant operation, as well as optimization work to identify opportunities to reduce operating costs and variability.

Preliminary data analysis can identify possible areas of improvement, however, field work with the Bleaching Services Team is critical to fully understand the challenges experienced during daily operations. By combining preliminary data analysis and discussions with operations, with field sampling and testing, ERCO’s Bleaching Services Team identifies opportunities to reduce your bleaching cost with little or no capital requirements.

ERCO has a proprietary database for bleaching operations for many of the mills that we have supplied over the years. This database serves as a benchmark to historical performance and enables our team to help customers return to optimized operating conditions when shifts have occured. The data is confidential and unique to each mill. This level of historical data and analysis sets ERCO apart from other Chlorate suppliers.

The bleach plant assessment process includes a formal closing meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to ensure that all opportunities identified and the estimated monetary impact for each opportunity are shared with the mill team. These improvement opportunities are incorporated into the customer account plan. The Bleaching Services Team remains available to answer follow-up questions, provide guidance, and help ensure the identified savings are realized.

ERCO’s pulp bleaching services are an important part of our total value proposition and support the long-standing relationships we have with our sodium chlorate customers.

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