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We designed most of the equipment in your R-Series ClO2 generator, so we know how to keep it running smoothly.

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Saltcake Filters

Highly specialized filter cloths, wear plates, and timing plates to reduce chemical loss.

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Chemical Filters

High-quality, generator-specific filter cartridges and housing units.

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Specialty-grade Titanium

Corrosion-resistant titanium joints, elbows, and more to increase generator lifespan.

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OEM-approved pumps for specialty chlorine dioxide service.

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Heat Exchangers

Entire vessels, small components, and everything in between.

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Tower Components

Packing materials, support rings, and distribution trays for reliable absorption and stripping columns.

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Gaskets and Seals

Stay ahead of wear and tear by stocking up on gaskets, seals, and nozzles.

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Designed for ideal fit and long-lasting accuracy.

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