Mississauga, Canada.  – ERCO Worldwide a Greater Toronto Area Company and its wholly owned subsidiary International Dioxcide (IDI), today announced the opening of a new PurDOX™ production plant located in Shah Alam (Selangor), Malaysia in partnership with KC Chemicals (Manufacturing) Sdn Bhd. This new facility will serve the Asian region for the production of PurDOX™, a proprietary blend of sodium chlorate (40 percent) and hydrogen peroxide (~8 percent) used to generate chlorine dioxide (ClO2) for water treatment applications.

The intended markets for PurDOX™ are municipal drinking water disinfection, cooling tower biocidal control and ballast water disinfection. PurDOX™ is a US EPA-registered biocide and is NSF 60 certified for drinking water.

“Our Shah Alam (Selangor) location is fully commissioned and accepting orders,” said Thomas Dwyer, chlorine dioxide business director for International Dioxcide. “This is great news for those customers seeking an alternative chlorate / peroxide product and a reliable supply from one of the world’s largest basic producers of sodium chlorate.” Dwyer added that the new facility will only package in IBC’s.

About ERCO Worldwide LP

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About International Dioxcide, Inc.

International Dioxcide is North America’s leading provider of safe, reliable, and cost-effective chlorine dioxide solutions for commercial and industrial use. Chlorine dioxide is a versatile, broad-spectrum biocide used in a wide range of water treatment applications, especially in potable, industrial and wastewater treatment. IDI has provided chlorine dioxide generation expertise, equipment, and precursor chemicals for nearly 75 years. Both IDI and ERCO Worldwide are Responsible Care Companies.