We’re a committed, skilled and highly trained team. We are engineers, technologists, tradespeople, operators, managers, specialists in procurement, finance, HR, sales people and more.

Our people work at a network of modern manufacturing facilities around North America and in Chile, as well as in our corporate headquarters in the Greater Toronto Area. We have world-class technical expertise, not only in manufacturing and handling specialized inorganic chemicals, but in meeting the demanding logistics requirements of moving chemicals by rail, ocean and air, and supplying and optimizing sophisticated facility processes around the world.

The company hires from a multitude of industries. This opens us up to new ideas and new approaches. Today our employees come from many areas including the pulp and paper sector, the oil and natural gas or petrochemical sector, and several other industries. When attracting talented new employees, we not only look at direct specialized experience, but also an openness to new experiences and a passion for learning.

We need problem-solvers; people who are skilled at and enjoy identifying and working through challenges. You must be ethical, responsible, and driven. You should be a team player who is also self-motivated, someone who enjoys working in an office, a plant or in a mobile or virtual environment.

If you are interested in a career at ERCO, we invite you to visit our Careers page on this website.