ERCO has always appreciated the curious.  How does it work?  How can it be made better?

These are important questions that happen in every workplace. At ERCO these questions are answered by curious people. Who have conceived, sometimes patented, and often commercialized chemical processes that create societal value and much of the business that is now ERCO.

If you like figuring things out in a safe, supportive environment, you’re going to love it here!

Vice President, Operations
John F. Christie

I have had the privilege to work with multiple departments within the organization. In a country where finding employment can be tricky for newcomers with no domestic experience, not only did ERCO value my past work experience in other countries and hired me within days of landing in Canada; but has also given me a gamut of opportunities to learn, grow and diversify.

ERCO’s culture is one of respect, teamwork and camaraderie and this translates into a work environment that fosters growth and advancement. Good work in the organization never goes unrecognized and if you have the drive to do and learn more, then there are plenty of opportunities here.

Working at ERCO is much more than a job for me. It’s a career where I know I can succeed and realize my professional aspirations. They say that lucky are those who have job satisfaction. If that’s the case, then I consider myself fortunate to be working at ERCO!

Senior Manager, Customer Service
Neha Narang

Working at ERCO has been a long and enriching journey. After 17 years of working at the company, ERCO has provided me with the opportunity to enhance my professional and technical background. I have meet other cultures, exceptional people, and learned from the best. What I value the most about ERCO is its people, always willing to help and support, creating an environment that is difficult to replicate. In addition, the company's policies on safety, quality and environment makes working at this company one of the best professional experiences I ever had.

Control Room Operator (Mininco, Chile)
Diego Ortega